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Turnkey Solutions

Cardiac Services is the largest and first mobile/modular cardiac cath & vascular lab company in the industry. Our fleet consists of GE, Philips and Siemens equipment. We pride ourselves in leasing only the finest equipment at competitive prices with no hidden costs.

Cardiac Services specializes as overflow for tertiary care hospitals and the sole source for community based hospitals that may not have access to diagnostic cardiac catheterization programs. CSMI responds proactively to the specialized needs and concerns of each partner, including: Physicians, Hospitals and Patients. Physicians have access to cutting edge technology when and where they need it. Hospitals can expand their market; improve patient satisfaction through convenience and accessibility, while keeping revenues internal. Patients receive unparalleled care near home, which significantly enhances satisfaction.

Our extensive mobile fleet includes cath and combo (cath/vascular) systems. Features include:

X-ray Systems

  • GE®

  • Philips®

  • Siemens®
    Medical Specialty Vehicle, 15.5' x 53' (with dual slide-outs); custom modulars available

Review Workstation

  • GE, Philips, Eigen


  • Philips/Witt, GE MacLab


  • MedRad/L-F

Make us your choice for interim needs, a worry free decision. Please contact us for a quote.  References available upon request.

Ask us about our Lease With Ease program

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