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Frequently Asked Questions

Cardiac Services Mobile, Inc. builds and leases new mobile/modular cardiovascular suites in new mobile specialty coaches and new modular structures. We are your solution for mobile cath lab rental.

The fixed monthly Lease requires a one (1) month minimum term. Extension beyond original term is offered should customer’s projected timeline be extended. Lease includes equipment service and applications.

Customer to provide case supplies (catheters, contrast, packs, etc.), crash cart, defib, oxygen, balloon pump and other items.

Answering Your CV Mobile/Modular Leasing FAQ


  • The mobile CV labs require site prep comparable to that for other large mobile modalities such as CT, MRI and PET.

  • A 480 volt power receptacle and water is provided by customer.

  • Phone and IT connections are built into the coach.


  • At least three (3) days of applications are included with the Lease. Equipment ops instruction is provided to physicians and staff by our specialist to include: x-ray, hemodynamic system, image processing and storage.

  • The delivery driver and/or engineer will present systems and instructions, including generator ops and testing, hydraulics and general maintenance.

  • Competency-style checklists are provided upon completion of instruction.

Teleconference consultations and site surveys available.

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